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Yacht Charter Bahamas

Yacht Charter Bahamas is one the most wonderful cruising destination in the world. They consist of three different island chains, each of which offers a variety of crystal-clear waters, world-class fishing and spectacular diving locations. Bahamas yacht charters are well known and well regarded around the world as the Islands offer lovely beaches, beautiful warm shallow waters as well as warm locals. The best time to charter a yacht in the Bahamas is from Mid December to Mid May. However, mild temperatures and warm water make the Bahamas a great destination for charters year around. To the north lie the Abacos islands, which are rich with the visual and cultural flavor of former British colonial life. The Middle Bahamas and the Berry Islands are full of activity including casinos, nightclubs and restaurants, while the lower Bahamas remain an idyllic retreat. Known as the Exumas, these islands offer the setting for total relaxation with distinct personalities and natural wonders. Your Bahamas Charter yacht will be cruising among more over 700 islands and countless (over 2400) cays to explore and is rimed by one of the world’s great barrier reefs.

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