Bahamas Yacht Charter Overview The Bahamas are a perfect yacht charter destination in most every way, offering clear turquoise waters teeming with life, gorgeous beaches on hundreds of coral islands, quiet anchorages, renowned ports, world-class resorts, and a swashbuckling history that dates from Columbus` times. The Bahamas are both incredibly accessible but also a world apart. You’ll love the soft sands, sheltered sailing, and secluded coves in the clear, coral reef waters. Just 100 miles off the coast of Florida, and a 2 hour flight from New York, you can be on a Bahamas yacht charter with a minimum of hassle.


Their accessibility has made the Bahamas both a perfect charter holiday destination and great for yacht based events such as weddings, celebrations, honeymoons, or business meetings. Bahamas Yacht Charter Destinations Marsh Harbor and the Abacos. The main charter port, often referred to as the world capital of sailing, is Marsh Harbor in the Abacos. The the majority of sailing boats are berthed here. From Abaco charterers can easily access the beautiful string of sandy cays just to the east: Man-O-War Cay, Treasure Cay, Fowl Cay, Green Turtle Cay. You will see the famous lighthouse of Hope Town, and head to Pelican Cays National Park with its amazing coral and sea life. Freeport and Grand Bahamas Island. Freeport is a modern, planned city with all of the amenities, one of the reasons that Grand Bahamas is the second most visited island in the Bahamas. It boasts world class resorts and modern amenities. But Grand Bahamas still offers deserted beaches and pristine nature, including the famous underwater cave systems situated at the Lucayan National Park. Nassau, New Providence Island and Paradise Island. Motor yachts often find Nassau and Paradise Island a great charter destination, as it offers great shopping, world class resorts, restaurants and a large casino. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, and is linked by bridge to Paradise Island. Other islands. It’s safe to say that you’re sure to find a favorite island in the Bahamas if you look hard enough.


Other islands that offer beauty, beaches, and fantastic Marine Life are Eleuthera, the Exumas, and Long Island. It’s best to give us a call or discuss with your captain exactly what will be the best itinerary for you! See our 7 Day Bahamas Yacht Charter Itinerary Bahamas Yacht Charter Types You can find virtually any type of charter you are looking for in the Bahamas from Luxury Yachts to Saiboats to Catamarans, Crewed and Bareboats. Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charters. The Bahamas are a favorite location for Luxury Yachts, because itineraries can be developed to meet virtually every need. A typical itinerary will involve visiting deserted islands, plenty of swimming and snorkeling on secluded beaches, and stops in modern ports such as Nassau that offer the guests everything they could want ashore – shopping, great dining, spas, entertainment and sunset bars. Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charters normally begin in Nassau – but the yachts will pick you up depending on the itinerary you choose.

Bahamas Catamaran Charters. Increasingly our clients are discovering that a bahamas catamaran charter offers a superb and cost effective yacht charter holiday. Because catamarans offer easy access to the water, they are great boats for those who love swimming, snorkeling and other water sports. The large living areas provide great spaces for gathering and entertainment, and the cabins offer excellent privacy because they are in pontoons, separate from the main salon. And the boats doesn’t “rock” making everyone more comfortable. Bahamas Sailboat Charters. With over 700 islands to explore, steady trade winds, and perfect anchorages, the Bahamas offer bareboat and crewed sailboat charterers an ideal area for the perfect sailing charter holiday. Most sailing charters begin in the Abacos, one of the world’s most renowned sailing areas. Honeymoon Charters.


With deserted beaches, romantic sunsets, and plenty of privacy, the bahamas are the perfect place for a honeymoon yacht charter. More about Honeymoon Yacht Charter Sport Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing. The Bahamas offers some of the world’s best deep sea and sport fishing waters. If you are interested in a Deep Sea Fishing Charter, we can find you the right yacht and crew. Bahamas Deep Sea Fishing Charter Yachts | About Deep Sea Fishing Charter Bahamas Climate. The Bahamas’ soft climate is governed by the gentle Trade Winds and Gulf Stream flowing through it. Being further north, the average temperatures are slightly lower than you will find in the Caribbean Islands. The most refreshing time is between September and May, when the temperature averages 70-75°F (21-24°C). The rest of the year is a bit warmer, with temperatures between 80-85°F (27 and 29°C). The summer months are quite humid. Night-time temperatures are generally 5-7 degrees cooler than daytime temperatures. Water temperatures vary between 74°F (23°C) in Winter and 84°F (29°C) in Summer Top Bahamas Attractions. Treasure Cay is part of Great Abaco and can be reached by water or a golf cart that can be rented in Marsh harbor. Not to be missed is the 3 ½ mile sandy beach consistently one of the top ten beaches in the world. World famous Bone fishing at the Marl’s, Cherokee Sound or Sandy Point. Dive sites at Eagle Ray pass depths of 25 to 65 ft. Black Tip Alley and the Ledge at 100 ft or more. There is the wreck of the first American steamship. Shark dives or more peaceful encounters with ‘pet’ Groupers, rays and turtles. A must see is the Andros barrier reef. It’s the third longest in the world and a diver and snorkel dream with wrecks, blue holes, caves and multitudes of sea life. Cathedral. Shafts of sunlight on the floor of huge caverns. Coral Cavern. Schools of silversides in winding caverns. The Towers. 60 ft, coral pinnacles with tunnels and caverns. Snorkel with wild Dolphins around the Abacos. Several of the dive operators can take you where they usually are but can’t make them come out to play. Pelican Cay Land and Sea Park. Snorkel with sea turtles and eagle rays in a protected area with beautiful corals. Sanka Shoal. Puffer fish like spiked baseballs. Hope Town Reef. Many schooling fish, Elkhorn and Brain coral. Elkhorn Park. Octopus and a forest of Elkhorn reach for the surface.

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