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Bermuda Yacht Charter

By chartering a yacht in Bermuda region, travelers are able to explore historic ship wrecks and colorful reefs. Some of the islands other highlights include the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, the Bermuda National Gallery, The Bermuda National Trust Museum, The Tucker House Museum, Verdmont Museum, The Bermuda Maritime Museum, The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and Fort St. Catherine in St. Georges. In addition, most concierge services and some charter companies can arrange a round of golf at Belmont Hills golf course, tennis, squash, horseback riding and taxi tours.

Bermuda yacht rental offers some of the world’s most beautiful pink sandy beaches, breathtakingly beautiful marine life, wonderful scenery, lovely architecture & dining,. The region’s excellent diving conditions shouldn’t be overlooked either. For the underwater enthusiast there are over 160 documented shipwrecks, and the whole Island has coral all around for snorkeling through crystal clear water. an uncovered gem that many travelers overlook but those who have been there, never forget. The ideal yachting destination is known for its history, rich culture and friendly people. The region’s excellent diving conditions shouldn’t be overlooked either.Pink sand beaches are a beautiful place to get away from it all.

While Bermuda is beautiful on land, the surrounding ocean is its best playground. There are dozens of ways to enjoy it: from scuba diving to parasailing, fishing to glass bottom boat tours. Just relaxing on the pink sand beaches will take you to another level of happiness.For the golfer, Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than any place on the planet, and their courses are renowned for their breathtaking views and subtle challenges.

History seekers will also have much to do delving into Bermuda’s 400 years of heritage. History comes alive daily at the forts, museums and historic sites; St. George’s, the easternmost town on the island, is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.

For diving enthusiasts the Coral Reef Preserve Act of 1966 has protected Bermuda’s vast marine life with a number laws and ordinances. This Act protects marine plants and animals within the two preserve areas, the South Shore Coral Reef Preserve and the North Shore Coral Reef Preserve. It is an offence to remove, damage or be in possession of plants or animals, whether alive or dead, which are attached to the coast, the sea-bed or any reef in the two areas. These two areas encompass most of Bermuda’s fringing reef. Most charters will provide a guide but it is vital that divers never disturb any artifacts on the wrecks or attempt to take anything off of the wrecks as a souvenir – it’s illegal. Divers can however, bring underwater cameras for breathtaking photos. Divers also have a unique opportunity to be part of the region’s history by reporting any finds of great value or historical importance which are to be reported to the Captain who will contact the Wrecks Conservation Officer in Bermuda and ensure that you are credited for the discovery.

Whether you are looking for a weekend retreat or a weeklong adventure, Bermuda is an exciting escape destination that will take you miles away from ordinary. The beauty and opulence of a luxury yacht charter throughout these islands only enhances the natural beauty and exhilaration that the islands have to offer.


Day 1: Great Sound and Little Sound
Depart for a sundowner cruise in Great Sound and Little Sound, passing many small islands with a wonderful unpolluted sunset that you can only find in the middle of the Atlantic on the island of Bermuda.


Day 2: The Crescent
Depart Hamilton Harbor after breakfast for a day filled with watersports and snorkeling. Anchor out close to the North Shore Coral Reef Reserve in The Crescent, where you can snorkel to pristine sea life and coral right from the swim platform.


Day 3: Castle Harbor
Depart before breakfast for Castle Harbor. Going through the entrance you need good light as there are many coral heads, but as soon as you get inside it is nice and calm. Explore Charles’s Fort Island, Castle Island and Rusly Island. After lunch take a waverunner or tender around to Saint David’s and explore Saint George town. Spend the evening at anchor in the protected Castle Harbor.


Day 4: Challenger and Plantagenet Bank
The Challenger and Plantagenet bank is 24 nautical miles southwest of Bermuda and excellent for trolling and bottom fishing. These two banks rise from 12000 ft. to 157 ft. and you are guaranteed to catch some big game fish here: tuna, marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo.


Day 5: Beacon Hill Bay
Everyone will enjoy the calm blue waters of Beacon Hill Bay – especially the dolphin and underwater experience at Ireland Island, where you can feed tamed wild fish in the open ocean next to pristine coral and sea life. You don’t have to be a certified scuba diver to participate. After lunch, anchor at North Hamilton Island and snorkel Philips and Hogfish Cove where there are caves to explore.


Day 6: Somerset Island
After breakfast, head for Somerset island and anchor just east of Scout Fort. With a jetski or tender, it is easy to make the 5 nautical mile exploration trip around Somerset Island and stop to snorkel off of “Vixen Wreck,” located just off of Daniels Head. The Vixen was launched in 1867 and the wreck is now a protected diving site, but no permit is needed for snorkeling. After lunch, drop anchor east of Ports Island to explore a small group of islands (Nelly, Garmex, Ports, Long, Eta and Hawkins Island).


Day 7: Hamilton Town
Spend your last day ashore shopping, or visiting the Bermuda Maritime Museum and the Crystal Caves/Fantasy Caves, where you can see the bottom of the pools 55ft below you. After a wonderful lunch onboard it is time to pack your bags and head home, leaving Bermuda behind, and taking wonderful memories with you.


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