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Bahamas Yacht Charter is one of the most wonderful cruising destinations worldwide. Come to the Bahamas to see some of the world’s most beautiful islands. A Luxury charter yacht will take you on an adventure you will never forget. The most popular chain of islands is the Exumas and Eleuthera. These offer excellent anchorages, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, amazing diving spots, and great fishing. Bahamas Yacht charters will provide you with a huge selection of motor yachts or catamarans that you can yacht rental with your family or friends. You can also charter a boat to the Berry Islands and Abacos, where you’ll find restaurants, bars, and casinos. It’s all about relaxation on this Bahamas yachting holiday.

Bahamas Cruise Charter

Bahamas Vacations in a Yacht are most known worldwide as the islands offer crystal clear shallow waters, beautiful white sandy beaches, and friendly locals. The best time to charter a yacht in the Bahamas is from Mid December to Mid May. However, mild temperatures and warm water make the Bahamas a great destination for charters year around. Known as the Exumas, these islands offer the setting for total relaxation with distinct personalities and natural wonders. Your Bahamas Charter yacht will be floating among more than 700 islands and thousands (over 2400) of cays to explore, all of which are surrounded by one of the world’s great barrier reefs. In the Bahamas, Sneed Charters provides private crewed yacht charters. Catamaran Yacht Charter in the Bahamas. Yacht charter trips in the Bahamas. Bahamas mega yachts and luxury yachts and Bahamas superyachts.

Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation

The sun-drenched Bahamas are a wonderful destination for travelers of all ages. The home to magnificent beaches and picturesque cities, deep caves, and lush greenery. A trip to the Bahamas is a diver’s and snorkeler’s dream come true, with protected seas and schools of tropical fish dancing beneath the surface. Its friendly inhabitants reflect the benevolent Gulf Stream winds, making it an ideal location for a boat charter. For generations, the Bahamas islands have enticed and enchanted sailors, residents, and traders alike. In 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus landed in San Salvador and labeled the area a “baja mar,” or “shallow sea,” giving rise to the name “Bahamas.” This location is known for drawing rowdy pirates in the past, who took use of the area’s numerous peaceful hideouts and its shallow waters for hiding stolen goods. Famous pirates like Blackbeard and Calico Jack used the Bahamas’ busy commercial lanes to their own swashbuckling purposes in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, commandeering and robbing merchant ships. Although the buccaneers are no longer present, these islands retain a distinct Bahamian feeling of escapism and adventure — as well as, no doubt, plenty of undiscovered treasure. Nassau is the island’s most well-known port, and after centuries of luring pirates, it now attracts charter boats as a great site to start or end a charter trip. This high-octane harbor is a hub for international traders, bustling with bartering, ecstatic consumers, and the occasional star attempting to blend in. Many of the five-star marinas’ docks are just a short tender ride from the airport, so you can easily extend your stay to see more of the country. Evenings can be filled with casinos, bars, and gourmet restaurants, while days can be filled with a variety of activities.

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