The Most Splendid Florida Crewed Yacht Charter Available

Florida State boasts of a string of islands that spread like pearls. Known as the Florida Keys, these islands stretched into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. They served as an attraction to millions of tourists, all of whom wanted to experience the wonder of nature and the comforts of modern life.

And among the many who offer cruise and sailing services to tourists, we at the Florida Luxury Yacht Charter are considered among the better ones, if not the best Florida Motor Yacht Charter available. And why not? We offer the best sea vessel, whether motor yachts, mega yachts, catamarans, or party yachts. Name it; we have it.

We can give you an excellent cruising experience, touring those islands. Whether you want to tour privately, have an exclusive party, or be with other tourists as you traverse those magnificent wonders in seven days, we assure you that it is a worthwhile experience.

Our sea vessels are elite, top of the line, simply the best. Our crews are the best in the field, in the industry. With tons of experience sailing the roughest seas on the planet, touring the Florida Keys presents no problem. Even rough seas will not prevent you from having a relaxed, smooth sailing towards those magnificent islands.

We packed the best itinerary in a week. From South Florida, you cruise on the Miami Bay, traversing the Palm, Fisher, and Star Island, then on Hibiscus dock close to South Beach. On day two, you sail close to Key Biscayne, then have a magnificent view of the Miami skyline.

After spending the night at Ocean Reef Club, we will head south towards the Middle Keys, where you can snorkel. You can then spend the evening at Hawks Cay Marina in Duck Key and have some dinner there.

On day four, you can go to Key West to shop and bar all night, after which you can go to Sand Key to have some fun water activities. Then you will head north, stop at Little Torch Key and dine there before heading towards Miami.

You can sail with ease and comfort in a relaxed and luxurious manner. We take care of sailing, and you take care of having fun and excitement. You never need to worry about anything else, and our professional crew will take care of everything regarding cruising.

We ensure that you enjoy the Florida Keys, and we will take you there in the most comfortable way possible. If you ever find yourself this side of Florida and want to experience the cruise of a lifetime, you will never go wrong contacting us and availing of our services.


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