Bahamas Yacht Rental

Bahamas Yacht Rental are recognized as one of the best cruising destination in the world. The shallows and crystal waters,  hundreds of islands with beautiful beaches and panoramic anchorages.
It also a perfect spot to do all kind of water sports like diving, fishing, wave running and kayaking among others.

The Bahamas are a formation of over 700 small islands and cays. This also form one of the planet’s great barrier reefs. This wonderful reef zone provide miles of cruising relaxation of shallow and crystal clear waters.
The Bahamian island chain begins with Bimini, just 45 miles from Miami, stretching all the way to the Turks, 500 miles to the southwest.
The chain of islands is a great charter spot that either is serenity or excitement. All would depend on you state of mind. It is a relatively easy access for European and American yacht charter vacations.

itineraries in the Bahamas: