Eleuthera Yacht Charter

This pencil-thin island – it’s only two miles wide – has miles of pink and white sand beaches and turquoise crystal-clear water. To be clear, this is not all sand and water. Eleuthera Island is known for the high cliffs that fringe the eastern side of this Bahamas island, where the Atlantic Ocean crashes onto the rock. Of course, this is as much noise as you’ll hear on this quiet, friendly island of Eleuthera, where fishingdiving, snorkeling and taking it easy are the favorite pastimes of locals and visitors.

Eleuthera is Greek for “freedom,” a fitting name for a Caribbean island that’s free from crowds or cruise ships or casinos. Eleuthera moves at a slower pace than most people are accustomed to. Leave your watch at home and stow your cell phone and blackberry away. Fortunately for you most won’t work here, anyway.

The island is divided between North Eleuthera and South Eleuthera. One of the most popular spots is Harbour Island, famous for its pink and white sand beaches. Harbour Island often is called the Nantucket of the Caribbean. In addition to the beach, there are historical landmarks and a history lesson at every turn – all within a tropical paradise, of course.

Eleuthera Island is 110 miles long and is dotted with quaint, friendly fishing and colonial villages, such as Tarpum Bay, Bannerman Town, and Hatchet Bay. This Caribbean island also is home of the first republic in the “New World.” There are more natural wrecks here than any other island in the Bahamas, especially along The Devil’s Backbone, a shallow and jagged reef extending across the northern edge of Eleuthera. It has torn the bottom out of more vessels than any other reef in the nation.

Most Yacht Charters in the Bahamas begin in the Abacos or Nassau – there are few yachts for charter on Eleuthera itself. Eleuthera is thus a charter destination, worthy of several days of your time on a weekly charter, or more if you have the time. You can choose yacht charter Eleuthera, embarking from Nassau and returning to Nassau.


Day 1: Nassau – Arrive Nassau – Paradise Island. Be welcomed aboard to friendly smile and an exotic cocktail while you acclimatize to your new home and lifestyle .Spend the afternoon exploring the labyrinth of aquariums and swimming areas of the world’s largest man made marine habitat ‘Atlantis’.

Day 2: Spanish Wells – St Georges Cay – Having enjoyed a magically fresh tropical breakfast, we cruise the crystal waters to the historic town of Spanish Wells on St Georges Cay. Anchoring along the way you may enjoy a lazy lunch on the top deck and perhaps a refreshing swim or snorkel.

Day 3: Harbour Island – A local pilot guides us yards from the beach as we navigate the shallow waters of the Devil’s Backbone into Harbour Island. The island is renouned for its brightly colored houses and eloquent white picket fences. It’s a great place to soak up the colorful culture of the islands. If fishing or diving is your passion, local knowledge of some of the worlds most beautiful reefs will ensure you a catch of the day that can be prepared for dinner. Diving offers an unusual train wreck or a speedy drift dive with the tide through current cut.

Day 4: Harbour Island – Colored pink by millions of coral fragments, a wide three mile long sandy beach awaits you for an exciting day of water sports and sunbathing. Whilst enjoying the beach we serve you a spectacular buffet style picnic lunch. Golf carts are the means of transportation around Harbour Island and will allow you to explore the many narrow streets. Take the opportunity to dine at one of the many unique restaurants and experiencing the night life with a little local flare is a must.

Day 5: Eleuthera – After a night of memorable dining and dancing we cruise the sparkling shallow waters on the western side of Eleuthera. Spend the afternoon exploring the coastline on the jet skis and tender. The surrounding waters present an excellent opportunity for the more adventurous to water ski or perhaps snorkel the colorful coral heads teaming with schools of tropical fish. Anchored for the night you enjoy an Aussie style Barbeque with a twist of elegance, served on the top deck beneath the glittering, star studded sky.

Day 6: Nassau – Lunch is served on the top deck enroute to Nassau. The afternoon is spent leisurely wandering the main street and local craft market gathering those last minute souvenirs or relaxing in one of the many pools of Atlantis. In the evening you may toast to your next trip aboard.