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My budget is approximately to charter the entire yacht for one full week.

Bahamas Yacht Charters by Sneed Charters

Sneed Yacht Charters.

(800) 581-7130 / (561)459-5316
Start Date End Date Details
Dec 08, 2018Dec 18, 2018Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Dec 27, 2018Jan 03, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Jan 07, 2019Jan 12, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Jan 16, 2019Jan 20, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Feb 04, 2019Feb 11, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to Staniel Cay, Bahamas*
Feb 16, 2019Feb 23, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Mar 14, 2019Mar 22, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Apr 01, 2019Apr 06, 2019Hold/Option Taken: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Apr 12, 2019Apr 21, 2019Unavailable: Bahama Islands* to Bahama Islands*
May 11, 2019May 18, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
May 22, 2019May 26, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
Jul 16, 2019Aug 01, 2019Booked: George Town, Bahamas* to George Town, Bahamas*
High Rate:
14,250 USD per week
Low Rate:
10,250 USD per week
MCA Compliant: N/A
Rates are All Inclusive
Taxes, re-location fees, cruising permits and licenses may be extra. Please verify with clearing house.
Cruising Permit: Paid by Boat  Licenses: Paid by Client
Seasonal/Individual Rates
 CurrencyTerms2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax
Winter 2018/2019US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) All Inclusive$10,250$11,250$12,250$13,250$14,250
Summer 2019US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) All Inclusive$10,250$11,250$12,250$13,250$14,250
Winter 2019/2020US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) All Inclusive$10,250$11,250$12,250$13,250$14,250

Captain Only Rates:
$8,000 + 4% tax + expenses (usually just fuel as clients would be catering for themselves)

Additional Rate Details:
DAY CHARTER rate is $2,070.00 + 4% tax for 6 pax; or $2,400.00 + 4% tax for 8 pax.

Special for weekly charters:
One Child $250 Discount per charter- aged 6 and under.
Repeat clients 5% discount

Please add 4% Port Authority Tax to charter rates

Bottled waters are not included in the rates, as Rubicon has a charcoal filtered Reverse Osmosis water which is high quality. Rubicon is supporting eco-friendly "green" options by avoiding use of plastic bottles where possible.

All inclusive Cruises of 7 days require 1 dinner ashore.

Minimum 5 pax rate plus 10% for Christmas
Minimum 5 pax rate plus 15% for New Years
No Captain only for Christmas/New Years


A typical charter starting and finishing in Georgetown would be spending time around different islands each day. Lee Stocking for snorkeling, beach walk at Williams Cay along with SUP in a quiet bay. Snorkeling blue holes, enjoying quiet beaches and anchorages when not sailing.
Other islands to stop at would be Glass Cay, Stocking Island, White Bay Cay, Square Rock Cay.

Yacht Relocation fees:
$1000 Nassau each way
$850 Normans Cay each way
$500 Staniel Cay each way

All rates are for 7 nights, 8 days. To prorate these rates:
For 6 nights divide weekly rate by 7 and multiply by 6
For 5 nights or less divide weekly rate by 6 then multiply by number of nights.

Kitesurfing charters:
Kitesurfing lessons are additional, with a customized instruction rate ranges between $100 and $175 per person per hour, depending on experience.
For kitesurfing guests who know how to ride, and do not require tuition, the normal charter rate applies.

Locations if clients prefer to be dockside in the evenings: Exuma Yachtclub, George Town. Emerald Bay Marina, Exuma, Cave Cay, Farmer's Cay, Staniel Cay. Clients will need to pay dockage fees.
Summer Base Port: Exumas
Summer Operating Area: Bahamas
Winter Base Port: Exumas
Winter Operating Area: Bahamas
Location Details:
Experience the beautiful Exuma Cays and outlying islands of the Bahamas. There are several transportation options to get here:

Option 1: DIRECT FLIGHTS into Georgetown, Great Exuma (GGT) from Miami/Ft Lauderdale:
Silver Airways
American Airlines
Reggies Air

Option 2: DIRECT FLIGHTS Nassau to Georgetown (GGT):
Jet Blue

Option 3: DIRECT FLIGHTS from Nassau into Normans Cay or Staniel Cay, saving a full day to/from Great Exuma:
Sky Bahamas
Golden Wings offers private charter flights between Nassau and Normans Cay or Staniel Cay (or reverse) for up to 6 guests. The 20 minute flight is $580 total.

Option 4: Scheduled flights, sold by the seat, ideal for a small group are offered by the following carriers:
Watermakers Air - daily scheduled flights between Ft. Lauderdale and Staniel Cay (+/- $235 each way per person)
Flamingo Air - daily scheduled 40 minute flights between Nassau and Staniel Cay (+/- $110 each way per person)
ROLAND SMITH (PISTACHIO) 242-355-2013 Flights from Staniel Cay to Nassau and Exuma (+/- $100/person from Staniel to Exuma)

Rubicon is based at anchor at Stocking Island, a short dinghy ride across Elizabeth Harbor to Georgetown. When collecting guests, Rubicon has their favorite taxi man meet guests at the airport and he drives the guests to the local marina or dock where they are met by the crew. It works very well.

Sneed Yacht Charters.