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"Fantastic Captain! What I appreciated the most was his willingness to do whatever it took to make the guests happy. He cleared dishes, he dried dishes, he grabbed cocktails. He also made sure that each night the boat was well positioned for amazing sunset views!!

Danny is perhaps the most attentive, thoughtful, and diligent customer server personnel I've ever encountered in all my travels. She worked tirelessly to make every guest happy and in every instance - exceeding our high expectations. Jason, the chef was also unreal. Every meal was interesting, delicious, and the perfect size and scale. Simply unbelievable!!!! Chef Jason was beyond belief...just superb!!!"
"The week on the boat was one of the best trips we've ever taken. Captain Tim, Sophie, Chef Jason and Brendan couldn't have been more welcoming or accommodating. The entire trip was seamless because of their thoughtfulness, hard work and attention to detail. They treated us like family from beginning to end.

Thank you for following up with us. I'll be in touch soon to plan our next excursion with the Diamond Girl."

"Everything was fabulous, actually the trip exceeded our expectations. We couldn't speak more highly of the crew, and also the yacht itself."
Great week. Awesome ship and excellent crew. Would not hesitate to charter it again

It was the best time ever!!! Diamond Girl is beautiful and amazing... but the best of all was the crew. I can not say enough things about all 4 of them... they are truly amazing individuals and work together perfectly as a team. We have already talked about doing it again with a different location. Exumas was perfect for this trip and all the suggestions Captain Tim made to do were spot-on for us. Chef Jason made things we had never gotten to try before (and only seen on Cooking Channel) and they were delicious! As well as steaks and seafood that were out of this world. I am sure I gained 5 lbs. and am afraid to stand on the scale, but I don't care I would not have missed a bite of anything he made for us. Margaret worked so hard for us and did it with a smile! We kept trying to catch her making the beds, freshening the towels, folding the toilet paper and 100's of other things she did... but she was too quick for us! Probably because as soon as we sat down anywhere we had a drink of our choice coming! (I think that distracted us and it worked). Brandon took us on lots of adventures in the small boat and did some excellent navigating to get us to interesting locations and secluded beaches. Did I mention Captain Tim snorkeled down and got us a huge crab to go with the fish the guys caught? Jason prepared it and we had it all that evening. My only problem was I took WAY TOO MUCH stuff... you don't need it to have a wonderful time... one pair of flip flops will get you anywhere you need to go because you are barefoot on DG. I was not happy putting on shoes to go to work this morning.

Please feel confident recommending Diamond Girl and this outstanding group to anyone... just don't book anybody else for the next week we choose to come :-). And thank you for all your help arranging this trip!

Very best regards,

Words can't describe it ... amazing , amazing AMAZING. Now we know how the super rich live . Holy cow ! Already thinking of doing it again. I always judge a trip by asking the participants -

"would you do this again ... and if so , would you actually schedule it ? " and I got a resounding YES.

Thanks so much for your help !

Truly incredible trip
"XXXX the answer to all these questions is the BEST we have experienced since xxx. Yes you can use us for a reference the whole thing was fun and professional. Thanks Keith"

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