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Bahamas Yacht Charters by Sneed Charters

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Previously named Lady Zelda

CaptainPaul Garfield British 0
Number of Crew: 8Languages: English, Afrikaans, Spanish, Italian and Catalan

Crew Profiles:
Paul Garfield - Captain
Education: Master 3000GT; Divemaster
Languages Spoken: Fluent in English; some Spanish, French and Italian.

Captain Paul Garfield hails from the United Kingdom, and has been boating for nearly all of his life. At the age of 5, he started sailing and racing Optimists, and by 20 years of age, he had his first job on a luxury yacht. With over 20 years in the yachting industry -- eight of which as a Captain -- his experience includes working with vessels up to 135’ and 14 Atlantic crossings to date. He believes in offering charter guests a unique experience coupled with exemplary service, and inspires his crew to strive toward those goals. Captain Paul’s favorite place to visit is India, and when he’s not working at sea, you’ll find him sailing, hiking, running, playing tennis, enjoying a game of chess, or strumming on his guitar.

Andrew Park-Ross - First Mate
Nationality: South African
Languages Spoken: English

Andrew grew up in Durban, South Africa then at 16 aged moved to Cape Town. It was not long after the move that he fell in love with life on the high seas. He grew up in the surfing town of Umhlanga Rocks in Durban. Surfing & playing sport was life until the end of high school. Andrew spent his life in yachting since leaving school, and has had amazing experiences around the world with it. With six years in the industry he has, he has surfed the famous waves of Tahiti, Jeffreys Bay & Costa Rica; crossed the Pacific, the Atlantic (twice) & done an around-the-world passage. An enthusiast of diving he has reached most of the reserves in the Pacific and Polynesian Islands. Andrew enjoys a life of surf, fitness & outdoor experiences to this day. He is looking forward to exploring the Bahamas surf community and further afield through out the Caribbean in-between his agenda of obtaining his Master 3000 Captains ticket.

Thomas Rider - Chef
Nationality: American
Languages Spoken: English

Education: Culinary Institute of America, Le Cordon Bleu

Chef Thomas Rider Graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2008 and has been working in the restaurant and hotel industry ever since. Thomas grew up and worked in Washington DC amongst some of the best restaurants and chefs on the east coast of the United States. Following in the footsteps of his step father who is an award-winning chef in the district, Thomas’s passion for food started at a very early age. At the age of 16 Thomas pursued his passion by enrolling at The Culinary Institute of America to obtain the best culinary education America had to offer. After graduating Thomas worked amongst some of the most talented chefs on the east coast from Washington DC, North Carolina, South Florida and the US Virgin Islands. Thomas’s experience spans the gamut from working every position in the food service industry from line cook to executive chef to general manager, Thomas has made it apparent that he has a true passion to provide an extraordinary guests experience. In 2017 Thomas made the decision to take his passion on the high seas and pursue his career as a chef on super yachts. Thomas completed 2 seasons with 26 weeks of charter in 2018 striving each and every time to provide extortionary food and to accommodate any and all requests to ensure the guests have the experience of a lifetime. Thomas always strives to provide the freshest food by sourcing from local fisherman, local farms and farmers markets and working with the best purveyors to provide the world’s best ingredients. Thomas’s true passion for Mediterranean inspired food is very apparent in the dishes he prepares while also loving to prepare cuisines from all over the world. In Thomas’s free time he loves to spend time with his family, traveling to new places, finding new local farms and farmers markets, cooking for friends and family, fishing in some of the bests fishing spots in the world, and participating in water-sports activities.

Kyle Thomson - Rotational Engineer
Nationality: Australian
Education: Nautical Engineering, Y4
Languages Spoken: English

Before entering the superyacht yacht industry onboard the prestigious vessels Helios and ICE 5, Kyle worked on commercial vessels including P&O Automotive and General Stevedoring (POAGS) as a Stevedore aboard PCC ships in 2010- 11, also working for Ausport Marine berthing cargo ships and continuing with POAGS (Now QUBE) into bulk handling 2011-12. An able engineer with 20,000+ miles (Ocean & Coastal) aboard private vessels, Volunteer Marine Rescue, vessel deliveries and Superyachts. He has a life-long interest in sailing with extensive experience aboard family yachts.

A passion for all forms of adventure, AFL, NRL and Water sports. Kyle has previously been the captain of the Ft Lauderdale Fighting Squids, (an Australian Football League team), in the National games in San Diego and was honoured with the ‘Squidlow’ which is the Clubs ‘Best and Fairest’ Award. This year Kyle was asked to captain the Indianapolis, Houston, Fort Lauderdale combined team and was honoured with the MVP for the first inaugural Mateship cup for past and present servicemen at Nationals in Wisconsin.

Sern Lagerwell - Rotational Engineer
Nationality: English and Afrikaans
Education: Nautical Engineering, Y4
Languages Spoken: English

Sern hails from Durban, South Africa, where waterskiing, wakeboarding and fishing were some of his favourite pastimes. Sern has a passion for music and entertainment, having worked as a musician, events coordinator and cocktail flaring bartender for a mobile bar. In 2011, at age 29, Sern joined the yachting industry where he has established himself as a very capable seaman and engineer.

Tonia Bradford - Cheif Stewardess
Nationality: South African
Languages Spoken: English and Afrikaans

With a background in restaurant and hospitality careers, Tonia had her first taste of the yachting industry in May 2016. Since then she has never looked back. Through her freelancing with yachting she has travelled extensively including the Mediterranean, The Bahamas and the Caribbean; she says she enjoys and thrives on the atmosphere that a busy and professionally run yacht brings to her job satisfaction! Tonia had been onboard Yacht Sweet Escape several months before committing to the position of Chief Stewardess. Tonia brings vitality and zest to her role, with a great artistic flair. In her down time she cooks, and likes to have a go at any water sport. In port she finds gardening therapeutic and relaxing, a nice change of pace to the yachting life. Her favorite place to visit is Thailand.

Jade Williams - Stewardess
Nationality: South African
Language Spoken: English and Afrikaans

Having been educated in Fish Hoek High School and AAA School of Advertising, Jade has moved around in her life. She spent three years of her early life growing up in Hamburg. Thereafter she moved to Swakopmund. When she moved back to Cape Town, her favorite place to be, and it was here her life really began to flourish as she was able to study something she is passionate about: graphic design. In between the studies she was fortunate enough to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Thailand to name a few. For the past two years she was working at a fashion PR agency. After having met Andrew, the Firstmate, she started her training for the yachting industry. She is looking forward to exploring The Bahamas and excited to see where her new career in yachting will take her. Jade’s objective in life is to travel to new places she has not yet experienced and to be an instrumental member of the Sweet Escape team. Her hobbies include many outdoor activities, she enjoys hiking, swimming, cycling, boating. She also enjoys fashion and reading.

Nationality: South African
Languages Spoken: English and Afrikaans

Michael grew up in George, South Africa. He has a family linage in yachting and has quickly made himself an excellent team member with a wealth of knowledge beyond his years. He has fond memories of his camping trips with boats along the Transkei Wildcoast and the Garden Route while growing up in South Africa. After high school Michael started studying for his Master of Yachts 200ton, AEC. His experience on his previous yacht afforded him the opportunity to explore a vast amount of the Bahamas. His next life objective is to make a Motorcycle trip through Africa and to work towards a Captains position in the future. His hobbies include Motorcycle Touring and Seeing New Places. Michael also enjoys snorkeling and his favourite place to visit is the Abaco Islands.

Sneed Yacht Charters.