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Bahamas Yacht Charters by Sneed Charters

Sneed Yacht Charters.

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19-25 July 2019 Exumas – Endless Memories!
Peter, Tori & Bella,
You have changed vacationing as we one knew it. There is no way we can go back….nothing compares. From the sting rays, sharks, islands, pigs, crabs, barracudas to the endless beautiful beaches, sand bars and drift diving. Sleeping under the stars, spending time with family and making endless memories. The fishing, snorkeling, and more importantly, the food! I could go on and on. This was our first charter and definitely not our last. It was a great way to celebrate our daughter’s birthday and son who is going off to college. We felt at home from the moment we boarded the dingy. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us….and the unexpected tour of the Marine Research Center. Scavenging for coconuts will never be the same.
Love the “W” Family
April 20, 2019 - A great family charter!
Dear Peter & Becky,
What a special week we’ve had! This trip was everything we were looking for and so much more. Becky, thank you for the amazing meals! You are so talented in the kitchen and we all loved trying new things and learning your tips and tricks. Thank you, too, for taking such great care of us. Our crew is a lot to take on and you made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Peter, thank you for all your planning and our fun itinerary. We loved all of the different adventures. Thank you for planning around the boys different ages and abilities, there was always something fun for everyone.
We absolutely loved being aboard Swish and hope to return. Please keep in touch.
With Love,
The “T” Family
23-30 March 2019 – A Wonderful Adventure!
Dear Peter & Becky,
Thank you so much for the amazing time. Absolutely fabulous vacation. It was sop nice getting to know both of you, and of course Bella.
Becky, your meals were absolutely fabulous, I can’t even tell you. You are a lovely lady and I hope to remain friend into the future.
Peter, thank you so much for all the wonderful adventures. It was great getting to know you. You have a wonderful personality. Hopefully one day we make it back to paradise again. Thank you so much for everything, it was wonderful.
The F Family
4-11 February, 2019 in Bahamas – Fantastic!
Peter & Becky,
We had a delightful time aboard Swish! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and showing us your piece of paradise. Becky’s skill in the kitchen made our visit healthy and delicious. Peter’s skill in navigating the islands and currents was legendary. Love exploring the caves, the reefs and appreciated the way you motivated us to see the sights, and also relax. Best wishes, until next time!
Tim & Destiny, San Diego, CA

Where to begin? You showed us a g,reat time. Thank you!
Becky, your cooking is amazing. You are an absolute sweetheart, wish I lived closer, I’d love to be your friend. The boat was so much fun and I loved our room – cozy.
I just can’t say enough about the fantastic time we had, you are both such wonderful hosts. And friends!
Thank you, thank you, we’ll be back! Hugs!
Joe & Sharon, Hawthorn Woods, IL
Bella, the 3rd crew member
Bella, a Skipperke dog who is part of the crew on SWISH, got some attention this year from Ellen Degeneres when she reposted a video on Instagram of Bella and a dolphin friend playing together - which they regularly do in the Exumas.
To view the video, copy and paste this link in your web browser:
More Bella pics
Guests love having Bella on board - especially to watch her swim with dolphins!
Peter's guest comments from his previous charter catamaran Freebird.
This is the Life!
8-15 April, 2018 - Captain only charter ~ A beautiful Adventure!
Thank you for touring us through this beautiful adventure. We cannot believe the endless shades of blue and the purity of the land. Your knowledge and patience and kindness ads a priceless feature to our journey. What incredible memories we are taking home with us.
The M Family
29 March - 3 April, 2018 ~ Amazing & Relaxing
Dear Peter, Becky & Bella,
What a trip! Endless clear waters to the end of the earth and just us!! The pics, the iguanas, the sting rays! Everything was amazing and relaxing. Thank you for making your best our home for 6 days. We will be back!
P.S. The food was delicious and light!
E & S

Comments to the Broker:
Very professional captain and crew. They were very courteous and pro-active, super attentive and knowledgeable. The meals were healthy, super breakfast and they make their own bread! All good. The catamaran is clean, well maintained. Cabins were clean and comfortable. The itinerary was amazing and perfect!
The S Family

21-27 March,2018 ~ A Life Adventure!
Dear Peter and Becky,
There are family vacations, and then there are life adventures that are etched to memory forever. This week has been both. From the moment we set sail on Freebird, to the incredible sea life, bluest waters ever, kayaking to sand bars, and much savored meals, we thank you both for this life event.
The L Family
P.S. Thank you Becky for getting the boys to eat new foods!
June 28 - July 5, 2016 ~ Educational Dive research in remote Exumas
Dear Peter,
I want to formally thank you for your can-do enthusiasm, excellent meals, and for your calm.
We hope to be able to complete essential parts of Clay's thesis project at some future date.
Thanks and best wishes,
Paul and Co.
22 December, 2017 ~ Awesome!
Wow! What a wonderful week on your AWESOME boat Freebird! The food was fantastic, Becky! Memories we have made for a lifetime! We will see you again.
Lynn – Hunstville, AL

You couldn’t have taken better care of us! Thank you for showing us your beautiful part of the world. Fly high Freebird!
2-9 September 2017 ~ Fabulous!
Thank you for a FABULOUS trip aboard the Freebird! Your hospitality and kindness made us feel so welcome and at home here. Thank you for all the adventures, the snorkeling, and the drift dives. This has been the trip of a lifetime! Thanks again for everything!
Fred, Melissa, Justin & Rachel
P.S. Give Bella some extra cuddles for us!
29th March - 2nd April, 2017 ~ The Most Beautiful Place!
Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for a wonderful birthday/anniversary celebration. This is the most beautiful place we have ever seen. Ya'll have been the most gracious hosts. Thank you for turning your boat over to us. We have made so many memories: from the slow ride on the water, relaxing, to the entertaining people at the Flip Flop beach. The food was absolutely amazing! We will be back, anxiously awaiting a cook book! Maybe one day we will meet you on our own boats and sail together! Lots of love to you!
Jere and Laurie, Clay and Judy
February 18-25, 2017 ~ Honeymoon Dreams!
We have had a most wonderful time with you and Bella and your Freebird. Our honeymoon could not have been more fitting to our dreams and desires. The sailing, the snorkeling, the amazing waters! Who knew that there were so many shades of blue? What incredible creatures we have seen! The sea turtles, the lobster, the conch, the rays, the iguanas, and swimming pigs!?! And way too many fishes to keep count. And amazing little Bella on board!

We had every confidence in Peter's captaining skills. And he always had us anchored in the right place for each new adventure. What a great dive guide!

What fantastic meals we have had!! Fresh caught lobster and conch, ribs, lamb, and seafood quesadillas. And always a glass of wine, a cold beer, or a Dark and Stormy at the right moment.

What a dream come true for us! Thank you for sharing your life stories. Thank you for introducing us to the spirit of the Bahamas and the cruising way of life.

We will be back! No doubts! We will be back!
Michelle & Bob , Canandaigua, New York
August 6-12, 2016 ~ Exumas ~ Amazing Adventures!
Our daughter's fascination with the swimming pigs brought us to the Exumas. From the moment we set foot on Freebird, it was like we were staying with family. Our kids were entertained the entire week from sting rays to exciting drift dives to afternoon naps on the trampoline. We had a week full of amazing adventures and much-needed family time. Your knowledge of the area is second to none! We loved eating fresh caught conch and lobster. And the swimming pigs were SO MUCH FUN!
Thank you for a week full of adventure and fun!
Steve, Wendy, Talya, and Landon

Our adventures and itinerary:
Day 1, Fed tame stingrays and free-dived the blue hole in Georgetown.
Day 2: Feeding of the swimming pigs at Glass Cay, free-dived 2 blue holes at Sugar Cay, cast-line fishing off stern of Freebird.
Day 3: Caught a big fish while trolling en route offshore. Drift-dived Rat Cay, collected conch and sea biscuits off the bottom, Williams Cay paddle-boarding.
Day 4: Rudder Cut drift-dived grotto (3 turtles, 2 sharks, 1 cuda sighting!), speared 2 lobsters, and free-dived underwater piano with mermaid at David Copperfield's island.
Day 5: Lee Stocking drift dive, speared 2 lobsters, fed wild iguanas, snorkeled reef.
Day 6: Children's Bay overnight, beach time at Boysey Cay geyser, snorkeled wreck in shallow water and Square Rock (1 turtle, 3 stingrays)
March 30 - April 6, 2016 - with Guest's pup too!
Words cannot express how wonderful this week has been. You are truly beautiful people in every sense. The knowledge you have of sailing is so very impressive. We have felt safe and comfortable the entire time. I am a drift diver for the rest of my life! I really could get used to this. So many things will be in our minds for years to come. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Love, Ray, Tammie and Bensyn
March 20 - 26, 2016
Dear Peter,
Thank you for a wonderful week of adventure and relaxation aboard Freebird! You all made us feel welcome, at home and completely spoiled. We enjoyed too many thrilling and unique experiences to fully recount - one drift dive after another over glorious fish filled reefs, snorkeling in caves, watching the nurse sharks at Staniel Cay Yacht club, feeding the wild pigs and iguanas, walking isolated beaches, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, quiet anchorages, delicious cooking, watching Bella balance atop the bow of the dinghy as we sped across the water and hearing of your inspiring excursions around the globe.

Spending this week with you has changed our definition of what is possible to expect from 'quality of life'. What a beautiful life you have here. Thank you so very much for sharing it and yourselves with us!
Love, Heidi, Peter and PD
Jan. 27 - Feb. 5, 2016 – Exumas
Relaxing, carefree, adventurous, fun, interesting, so many positive words are needed to describe our fantastic week aboard Freebird with Peter.

Peter's attention to safety and knowledge of his boat & seas made us feel at ease and without concern the whole trip. The healthy and yummie food was a real surprise .. cracked conch, coconut cream pie, salads galore ...

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for sharing passion and enthusiasm for the life on the seas and a little glimpse of how the Happy People live!

Warm Hugs,
Janine and Dave
Captain Warren's Guest Comments
Swish was previously owned and operated by Peter's son Warren, so the comments below are related to Captain Warren.
April 24-29, 2016 Incredible Experience
From travel agent:
They had an AMAZING time and I think a few of their moments on the catamaran will be seared into their travel memory bank as such. They were so impressed with the captain and crews attention, the quality of the food, and especially the unique experience of eating conch for the first time).

It was an incredible experience for them. Please extend my personal thanks to the crew for attending to their needs and for showing them such a good time.
30th Wedding Anniversary Charter - Nov 2015 - Exumas
Overall, how would you describe your charter?
Very Good.
Was the crew professional, congenial, and accommodating? Absolutely. Warren was knowledgeable and focused on trying to accommodate. Louise was almost always cooking up first rate meals while also navigating the nuances of our personal likes and dis-likes.
Was the yacht clean and well maintained?
Yes, Swish was beautiful boat and the Staterooms, the Galley and the Saloon were all clean and ready for their new guests when we arrived.
How did you find the quality and presentation of the meals? Outstanding, the food and the presentation showed pride and skill.
Additional comments
The boat was very nice...Warren and Louise were great. Louise is a very good cook..No reason to be worried about her culinary skills. Her meals were excellent right down to the presentation of the food.
18-25 August 2015 Exumas
Warren, I'd like to share with you the fact that my client called me today gushing about his time with you guys on Swish.
He went on about how I had made the perfect match...that their time on board was the best EVER.
I so want to thank you for taking such good care of this very nice family
You are a credit to our industry as is the rest of your charming family
Thank you so very much. Broker M.R.
10-17 May family charter in Exumas
Note from broker:
Thank you so much for the update on the charter (they swam with a wild dolphin, hand fed a hawksbill turtle, caught 2 fish offshore under sail, engaged with 11 swimming pigs and 25 sharks at Staniel and dove the Thunderball Grotto).

I emailed Rosie half way through the charter to see how it was going and this was her reply "Amazing!!!!!!!!!"

We love to get those replies when our charter guests are onboard.
Thank you so much for taking care of them!
Swish is now in the Bahamas!!!
Captain Warren invites guests on board Swish for a great time in the Exumas!!

Sneed Yacht Charters.