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December 2016
1. Thank you Noel and Patricia for an incredible experience! You’re a warm and welcoming and accommodating. We would love to travel with you again in the near future. PS. Patricia, you are an amazing cook!

2. Patricia and Noel, for my first boat vacation you two made it amazing for us. Patricias cooking is out of this world and the TRES LECHES cake made my birthday amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. I can’t wait for our next vacation together.

3. Captain Frenchie and Patricia, even though you are my first crew experience, you are for sure my all time favourite. You guys made me feel at home and sad to go back to New York. Patricia, your minipancakes, tres leches cake, and everything else was FANTASTIC! I will miss eating snacks on the floor with you guys.

4. Patricia & Noel, living on WHISPERS II with you as the crew has been unforgetable experience! From sailing to cooking, to sitting on the floor and eating snacks and pirating, this has been my most favourite vacation, and you two are to thank for this experience. Next boatin vacation you two HAVE to be our crew!

5. Patricia & Noel, this was my first boat experience, I could not have asked for a better crew. You made mine and my families experience amazing. We look forward to seeing you two next year. We had the best vacation ever and you were the once that made it so amazing.

6. I can’t wait to traver islands with you two again! I will be friending you on facebook so we can stay in contact!

7. Dear Patricia and Noel. Thank you so much for making our family vacation so fantastic. You two are extremely great hosts. We loved every minute of this trip and will always come back to any boat you are on. We loved our vacation and your attention to making sure we had the best time ever. Patricia you cook like a spinish goddess. Till next time…

8. Patricia and Noel, we have taken this trip four times on different boats with different captains and crews. Sailing with you two was far and away the very best experience we have ever had. Our week with you was perfect in every way! Your gracious hospitality and attention to every detail exceeded our expectations in every way. The kids especially loved using Patricia’s personal wakeboard on several occasions. I think we introduced Noel to the fun of wakeboarding without the boots. We truly appreciated you inviting our friends over on New Years Eve. That was a real treat for all 13 of us. Patricia, your food is outstanding!!! We loved all of it. Thank you for everything!!

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