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Guest Comments
"Thank you to our wonderful crew!
Captain - You astounded us with your excellent captain skill and loved your great personality!
Chief Stew- Thank you for all your island knowledge and always having the wine bottle handy!
Deckhand- Thank you for always having a beautiful smile and your hard work in a harness.
First Mate- We will never forget your shoe sharing generosity and cute British accent!!
Chef- You outdid yourself! We had everything under the sun!!!
It was a fabulous voyage!!

Charterer 2:
"To Jopaju Crew:
Thank you for an unbelievable week! You are all super sweet and the utmost professionals! We had a SUPER TIME! Blessings and hope to see you all again soon!

Charterer 3:
To our wonderful Jopaju crew-
Thank you for sharing your amazing home away from home with us. For our time on- and in- the water. For your knowledge and cheer.
If you ever feel like spending a little time at altitude you know where to find us!

Sneed Yacht Charters.

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