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CaptainKeith Jenkins American 1969
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English, Russian

Crew Profiles:
Your Captain and Engineer... Keith Jenkins takes pride in a very friendly management style with open and honest communication with all people aboard this beautiful 80’ Motor Yacht PNEUMA. His top priority is safety first for all crew and guests with informative training, while following all USCG and Federal Regulations. Keith has excellent hands on mechanical engineering skills, maintaining and operating the two caterpillar turbo diesel mains, twin diesel power generators, desalinator watermakers, plumbing, and electrical systems.
Captain Keith has lived and worked on yachts over 22 years starting back in 1997, travelling and working in Alaska for 8 years, Mexico 4 years, through the Panama Canal twice, Florida, Bahamas, and the Caribbean 4 years, and New England 3 years. Keith has over 1500 sea days driving many types of boats and yachts all around America and the Caribbean Islands.
He was born and raised by the Pacific Ocean in Redondo Beach, California. Started sailing at 15 years old, then progressed to jet skis, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and snow skiing. His interests now are working on motor yachts, fishing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, has a passion for cooking gourmet foods, travelling, and learning new things.
Captain Keith is there for you with professional service and a smile.

Allen is originally from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, but he has traveled extensively around the world - from the lush rainforest of Ecuador to the volcanic islands of Indonesia. From an early age, Allen has been captivated by the ocean through the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and explorers from National Geographic. His passion for scuba diving and travel is the foundation that compelled him to become a PADI Divemaster and begin his career on yachts. Allen enjoys getting to know the guests and showing them the beauty of the ocean. He strives to make the guest's time on board extremely comfortable and entertaining, hoping that they want to charter again. Prior to yachting, Allen spent 12 years working for industrial manufacturing, banking, and defense contractor companies. He speaks fluent Russian and is a proud parent of a 12 year old son.

Born and raised in the Midwest, I developed a passion for cooking at a young age. I attended Culinary school, worked in several successful restaurants and have decided to take my passion to the sea! I love working with any and all types of cuisine, especially fresh fish. Besides having grown up with family values and a strong work ethic my ultimate goal is to put a smile on your face with food and perhaps make you think twice about something you may not have enjoyed in the past.

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