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 coffee, tea, asorted pastry, bread or baked goods and a fruit platter served with breakfast

Spinach, parmesan cheese and ham omelette served with side mushrooms and fruit stack

Avocado toasts with Bacon tomato and feta cheese served with scrambled eggs and overnight oats topped with berries and nuts

Ham, cheese / banana or strawberry nutella french crepes with a side yogurt parfait

Baked hash brown sweet potatoe egg cups topped bacon, cheddar and parsley 

Shakshuka poached eggs with tomato sauce topped with feta cheese served with sausage and pita bread 

French Toasts with a fruit salad side, toppings: nuts, syrup and honey 


Catch of the day tropical Coconut milk ceviche fish with crispy chips 

Lamb or beef bell pepper brochettes with greek salad and tzatziki

Fish tacos with pickled cabbage, cotija cheese, black bean salad side, avo sourcream sauce and a spicy mayo

Fresh chicken salad with carrots, raisins, seasoned roast chicken with homemade mayo mustard sauce, celery, crunchy potatoe sticks, cucumber and tomatoes

Mexican seasoned shrimp cocktail with cucumber, tomatoes, radish, avocado, sour cream and nachos on the side

Seared Ahi tuna Poke Bowl rice or quinoa base, veggies of the season, fresh mango and chutney

Crab cake or catch of the day white fish breaded filets burger buns with corn on the cob, over salad of the season and tartar sauce

Dinner Menu 1

Brie and bacon or brie and apricot marmalade canapés

Baked Provencal catch of the day fish with baked potatoes garnished with arugula and Cherry tomatoes

Brownie with ice cream and strawberries

Dinner Menu 2

Tomato and fresh mozzarella Bruschetta 

Pesto creamy Risotto garnished with pistachio and basil optional shrimp / smoked salmon or prosciutto VG grilled zucchini


Dinner Menu 3

Garlic bread, sausage cuts and vinaigrette (pico de gallo) sauce

Filet Mignon steak with parmesan cheese flavored brussel sprouts and oregano rosemary roasted potatoes

Passion fruit mousse

Dinner Menu 4

Hummus dip with mini pita breads and celery sticks

Caribbean Chicken curry with coconut milk, pineapple and chickpeas with a side jasmine rice

Mango pineapple coconut tropical crumble served with sorbet or vanilla ice cream

Dinner Menu 5

Mini quiches with a green salad and yogurt sauce

Grilled Snapper over pearl couscous Mediterranean style

Angel's food cake in a cup with whipped cream and strawberries

Dinner Menu 6

Cheese and Charcuterie board with fruits and nuts

Seared Scallops over a corn cheesy cream topped with crispy bacon crumbles, pickled red onions, fresh corn and tomatoes

Lemon Tartelette 

Dinner Menu 7

Caprese Salad 

Spagetti a Bolognesa 

Banana cardamom sorbet with a crunchy almond praline 

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