Turks & Caicos Yacht Charter

Just a hop, skip and a jump southeast Bahamas lay the incomparable Turks and Caicos. Comprised of eight islands and 40 small cays, there is a myriad of things to experience while on charter in this pristine area.

Turks & Caicos Yacht Charter migrate from the Florida coast to the Caribbean in the fall and back again in the spring. You can either join a yacht for a full “repositioning cruise”, or just join up with a yacht for a week in the Turks and Caicos. Or, if you are on charter in the lower Exumas, why not head on down a little further?

Your charter yacht in Turks might offer diving, if not, there are several well-qualified dive operations on Grand Turk. The dive sites are easy and close to get to, as there is a 7000’ drop-off within a few hundred feet of the beach. Diving here is superb any time, but never more so than in the spring months from February to April. Why? That is when the humpback whales are migrating. Even if you don’t see one, you will surely hear them. And the thrill of being in the water with the deep lower tones vibrating through your body as though you are inside a pipe organ is an experience that will make you smile for the rest of your life. But, even if you aren’t lucky enough to hear the whales, you will surely appreciate the masses of sea life that abounds in this area: corals of all types: lettuce, brain, staghorn, scroll and sheet coral, enough brightly colored fish to make you think your are in an aquarium not to mention red crabs hiding in their holes.

Charter a Yacht in Turks and Caicos

We can arrange for all of your yacht charter needs in the Turks and Caicos. Due to their proximity to the Bahamas, many charterers combine a trip to Turks and Caicos with a cruise through the Bahamas. Others depart from Florida to give you the best selection of luxury yachts. Or we can arrange to have your yacht meet you in the Turks and Caicos – and will arrange for everything you need to have a fanastic charter.

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Turks & Caicos Yacht Rental Itinerary

Day 1: Fly into Grand Turk where you will be greeted by a crew member. Since your yacht will be anchored out, enjoy a quick tender ride and then a warm “welcome aboard”! Once you have settled in, head back to the island to look around. Perhaps you will lunch at the Salt Raker Inn, followed by a trip out to the light house. Then, a cool drink at the Water’s Edge before returning to the yacht for an al fresco dinner under the stars.

Day 2: Splash! After breakfast, go diving on the near-by wall. For the nondivers, snorkeling right off the boat is perfect. After lunch, a quick trip to Salt Cay for a look around before returning to anchor off Grand Turk again.

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Day 3: Cross the Grand Turk Passage, keeping a lookout for humpback whales! Once you get to South Caicos, it becomes a tough choice: dive first or explore the village? Or, do both: wall dive, explore and photograph the town, then a reef dive. By evening, you’ll be starving. Good thing you know that fabulous food abounds on a charter yacht! .

Day 4: Not that you would want a plastic one in your yard, but seeing a large flock of bright pink flamingos is worth the time to go visit Flamingo Pond on North Caicos. Afterwards, kayak Bottle Creek from the ocean to the Caicos Banks. Don’t forget some water and a snack!

Day 5: Today your yacht will dock at the brand new Leeward Marina on Providenciales. Some many things to do: play a round of golf, visit the Caicos Conch Farm, lose some money at the casinos, stroll along the 12 mile stretch of sugary white sand that makes up Grace Bay Beach. Looking for treasures to take home? Visit the Cultural Market Place for locally made handicrafts with the best prices on the island.

Day 6: Destination: West Caicos. This is a “Diver Day”. Your yacht will anchor on the east side of West Caicos, to be met there by the dive boat which will take you around the island to the spectacular wall. Make sure your camera batteries are charged, because the photos you will shoot will be fabulous. The non-divers can snorkel off the yacht in the azure water of the Caicos Bank, relax on the beach, or play with the yacht’s water toys.


Day 7: Sigh. Time to head back to Provo to catch your plane home. On the way back, feast your eyes on the clear blue waters that surround you. Aren’t you glad you have discovered the islands that time has forgotten? You know you’ll return.