Turks & Caicos Yacht Charter

Turks & Caicos are located just southeast of the Bahamas, a short hop, skip, and jump away. This natural region, which consists of eight islands and forty small cays, offers a variety of experiences when on charter.

Turks & Caicos Yacht Charter make a fall migration from the Florida coast to the Caribbean and a spring migration back. You have the option of joining a yacht for a complete “repositioning trip” or for only one week in Turks & Caicos. Alternatively, why not continue to the lower Exumas if you are on a charter there?

In Turks, your charter yacht may offer diving; if not, Grand Turk is home to a number of excellent dive shops. The dive spots are accessible and nearby due to a 7000′ drop-off that is only a few hundred feet from the beach. Any time is a great time to dive here, but the spring season from February to April is by far the best. Why? The humpback whales migrate during that time. You will undoubtedly hear them even if you can’t see them. You will smile for the rest of your life after experiencing the excitement of being in the water with the deep bass tones vibrating through your body like you are inside a pipe organ. But even if you aren’t fortunate enough to hear the whales, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the abundance of marine life in this area, including red crabs sheltering in their burrows and corals of various kinds, including lettuce, brain, staghorn, scroll, and sheet coral.

Charter a Yacht in Turks and Caicos

All of your yacht charter requirements in Turks & Caicos can be met by us. Due to the proximity of the islands to the Bahamas.  A journey to Turks and Caicos is frequently combined with a cruise through the Bahamas by charterers. For the best selection of luxury yachts, others leave from Florida. Alternatively, we may make arrangements for your yacht to meet you in Turks & Caicos, making sure you have all you need for a fantastic charter.

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Turks & Caicos Yacht Rental Itinerary

Day 1: When you land at Grand Turk, a crew member will welcome you. Enjoy a brief tender journey to your boat, where it will be anchored out, and then a hearty “welcome aboard”! After you’ve established in, return to the island and explore. Maybe you’ll eat lunch at the Salt Raker Inn before going to the lighthouse. After that, enjoy a refreshing beverage at the Water’s Edge before going back to the yacht for an outdoor meal beneath the stars.

Day 2: Splash! Go diving on the nearby wall after breakfast. Snorkeling is ideal for those who don’t dive directly off the boat. After lunch, make a quick stop at Salt Cay to explore before heading back to Grand Turk to re-anchor.

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Day 3: While traveling through the Grand Turk Passage, keep an eye out for humpback whales. It becomes difficult to decide whether to dive first or visit the hamlet once you arrive at South Caicos. Alternately, dive from a wall, walk around town and take pictures, then dive off a reef. You’ll be starving by sunset. Good thing you are aware that a charter yacht has an abundance of delicious cuisine.

Day 4: The trip to Flamingo Pond on North Caicos is worthwhile only to witness a large flock of brilliant pink flamingos—not that you’d want one in your yard, of course. Kayak Bottle Creek from the ocean to the Caicos Banks afterward. Water and a snack are important to remember.

Day 5: Your yacht will berth today at Providenciales’ brand-new Leeward Marina. Play a round of golf, tour the Caicos Conch Farm, blow some cash at the casinos, or simply take a stroll along Grace Bay Beach’s 12-mile expanse of pure white sand. Looking for a find to bring back? The finest pricing on the island may be found on locally manufactured crafts at the Cultural Market Place.

Day 6: West Caicos is the destination. “Diver Day” is today. The dive boat that will transport you around the island to the breathtaking wall will meet your yacht when it has anchored on the east side of West Caicos. Because the pictures you will take are going to be amazing, be sure your camera batteries are charged. Non-divers can relax on the beach, play with the yacht’s water toys, or snorkel in the Caicos Bank from the vessel.


Day 7: It’s time to return to Provo so you can catch your flight home. Enjoy the view of the surrounding, crystal-clear seas as you make your way back. Aren’t you happy that you have found these long-forgotten islands? You’ll be back, you know.