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Crew Profiles:
Captain: Fabrizio Fassbind

Nationality: Swiss

Fabrizio is a professional and experienced charter Captain who has sailed extensively in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mediterranean and has impressive technical expertise in yacht maintenance. He knows the best spots and will show you the hidden gems of the Bahamas.

Thanks to experience in the event management business, he developed strong work ethics, attention to detail and ability to prioritize guests' needs and expectations.

Last but not least, Captain Fabrizio has an outstanding personality which combined with his profound knowledge and skills makes guests feel comfortable and safe while enjoying their memorable trip .

Chef/Stewardess: Janey Bryant

Nationality: South Africa

Janey has been brought up with the love of cooking which later transformed into her profession. She knows how to prepare healthy meals full of local flavours and the best way to share it with others. Her charter experience includes the Bahamas, Croatia and the Virgin Islands.

She is naturally organized and radiates eagerness to provide the best service to every guest. Additionally, she is always ready to help the rest of the crew with their duties.

Janey treats the islands where she sails as her home and feels that it is her duty to show the beauty of those places to the guests. This attitude makes her the very person to deliver a stunning charter experience.

Deckhand: Jake Pieterse

Nationality: Swiss and South African

Jake is an avid lover of the sea passionate about all kinds of water activities. Not only is he a national open water and pool swimmer but also an experienced kitesurfer who is able to deliver classes to all levels from beginner to advanced. He has recently accomplished a deckhand certification in order to pursue his career on a charter vessel.

He is a flexible team player with a constant desire to improve wherever possible and who is ready to face any challenge on his way. Jake will manage every given task to the best of his ability and will make sure that the guests of TIGER LILY have an unforgettable stay on board.

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