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Crew Profiles:
Captain: Cameron Rooken-Smith

Nationality: South African

Cameron is a confident and knowledgeable captain that has logged over 30,000 nautical miles during his yachting career working on board motor and sailing yachts. He is known for the ability to remain calm and retain his poise when handling challenging issues. While taking great pride in his position, Cameron is passionate about cooking and would be thrilled to serve the guests an original South African braai. He also finds enjoyment in making people laugh and is comfortable entertaining guests as he is at helm. In addition to earning his RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, he is a licensed PADI Dive Master and commercial Diver Class 2 that loves water sports of all kinds, surfing included. Guests eager to take out the water toys can be assured that Cameron will show them a thrilling time. Cameron will make certain that every holiday spent aboard TIGER LILY is nothing less than perfect.

Chef/Stew: Maria Josefina Vicuna

Josefina is a Chilean Chef full of creativity and initiative. With her 10 years of experience in the industry combining talent and expertise, she offers innovative, fresh and spontaneous culinary creations. Trained in French cuisine, she also took various courses around the world to expand her skills and versatility. Her understanding of flavors allows her to bring out the best in it, while perfectly adapting tastes and menus to the environment and situations of the moment.

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