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CaptainBrynn Moultrie South African 0
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Crew Profiles:
Captain Brynn grew up on the East Coast of South Africa, in a city called Durban, and being from Durban meant only two things for him; endless summers, and a vast sub-tropical coastline filled with sandy beaches and an abundance of waves. This is where his love affair began with the ocean.

Brynn has always been a ‘water baby’, as described by his parents. He was either in the ocean surfing, taking part in lifesaving activities or on their family boat, water skiing the many lakes of South Africa.

Brynn used to sail with his friends when they were in high school during the holidays and instantly fell in love with it. Whilst working a usual 9-5 job, he realized there was more to life than staring out of an office window. Captain Brynn also had his hand in mixing up amazing cocktails at some of South Africa’s top cocktail bars and loves to show guests what he can do.

Brynn completed his RYA Yachtmaster offshore in 2017 and has never looked back.

Brynn has covered most of South Africa’s coastline and spent multiple seasons chartering in the Mediterranean and is excited to embark on the Caribbean. He loves to share his passion with guests by sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Chef Mia grew up on the water in Sydney’s Northern Beaches cruising on her family’s yachts in the majestic Pittwater harbor. She has absolutely fallen in love with the simple pleasures of living on a yacht and introducing guests to this magical world. She enjoys all her passions in this position: gathering people together to share delicious food, traveling and the water.

After studying marketing and working in a corporate job in Sydney for five years she decided to pursue her passion. Years later, she is still living her dream, catering for guests aboard yachts in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Italy, France, the BVIs and the stunning waters around St Maarten.

While her cooking repertoire is broad, she loves to prepare fresh and healthy dishes incorporating local delicacies with the freshest produce. She loves the craft of putting tastes,
textures and aromas together and believes that good food creates wonderful experiences that bring people together.

Guests offer glowing feedback about the gourmet standard of the dishes Mia serves, how beautifully they are displayed and her easy ability to interpret exactly the kind of food they love. Guests often say that her sociable, enthusiastic presence adds to the enjoyment of their holidays.

Captain Brynn and Chef Mia love nothing more than bringing beautiful holidays to life. When guests book their sailing adventure with these friendly, seasoned professionals, they can be confident that every tiny detail will be carefully considered to ensure their once-in-a-lifetime vacation far exceeds their wildest dreams.

Mia Hanks

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